How Do I Land A Job in SF or NYC?

Landing a job in SF or NYC is super challenging, don’t get discouraged. It can take up to 2-3 months to land a new role. It doesn’t matter if you come from engineering, product, BD, or sales, the process can be exhausting. Below are suggestions and steps to consider that will give you actionable items to help you land a new role faster.

Manage your job pipeline like a sales pipeline.

Build your job pipeline with 30–40 new job opportunities. These job opportunities need to be focused on direct referrals that can introduce you to open roles. Don’t waste your time just clicking on LinkedIn and AngelList postings, you need to find a direct intro to a specific role — keep in mind that LinkedIn and AngelList can be a great place to source new opportunities.

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Manage your job pipeline with StreakYour job hunt needs to be treated the same a sales pipeline. This is different for someone from an engineering background, but you need a process and constant activity to hit your goals. Streak is great for keeping track of everything and you can use it as a free CRM and reminder tool to track your pipeline and emails.

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Leverage resources to source new roles. Use AngelList Filters, Glassdoor Alerts, Mattermark free trial, and Crunchbase to source specific roles in the vertical you are passionate about. Don’t apply directly here!

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Attend meetups and career focused webinars. For example, if you are an engineer, but need help refining your personal pitch, you might consider attending a learn to sell yourself webinar or sales meetup. You will probably meet companies that are hiring engineers at the meetups, and refining your answer to the interview question “ Tell me about yourself” is something that everyone needs to practice.

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Get weekly coaching and mentoring help. All of our sales bootcamp studentshave the opportunity to join weekly office hours, 1:1 coaching, and mentorship throughout the bootcamp and apply to our paid Fellowship. Apply today and look forward to working with you!

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