What are the 10 things that you want to tell young entrepreneurs?

This response was originally posted on Quora via Mike Duchen. Mike joined the Sales Bootcamp team in April when Sales Bootcamp Acquired Inside Sales Bootcamp.

There is more important stuff in life than work. I was surprised and diagnosed with Cancer at age 22 while working in rural Guatemala. I love my work, but ultimately decided that family would always be the biggest priority for me.

Never burn bridges. You will be tempted to give someone a piece of your mind, don’t do it is never worth it, and you will probably work with them in some capacity in the future.

Startups aren’t as sexy as they sound. Get ready to get paid less, work long hours; make sure you are doing it for a specific reason or passionate about it.

Start your career in sales. You will always be selling as an entrepreneur. Take our free online sales bootcamp and it will save you years of trying to figure it out on your own.

Lean coding. Learn enough coding so you can set expectations with your team and fix something if it is broken.

Start a company for the right reasons. If you start one only since you think it will make money, you will end up out of cash and working on something you hate.

You don’t have to be in SF to do a startup. Take advantage of meeting people in your local community. If someone isn’t leading it, be the person people turn to for startup insights and advice.

Chose your co-founder wisely. Thank you Ryan (Lead Instructor at Sales Bootcamp) for putting up with me.

The grass is never greener on the other side. Be content with what you are building and that you have the opportunity to do it. Everyone has the same problems, it is just a different name on the door.

Don’t be an A**hole. There are plenty of them in the tech world, so don’t join that list. Be nice to people and give first.

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