How To Qualify A Lead During A Discovery Call Without Sounding Salesy

All new sales development representatives spend a tremendous amount of time on the phone with new prospective customers. It is important to remember to create a personal connection, but also focus on the goal of qualifying or disqualifying a specific lead. Many SDRs are worried about sounding “salesy” so consider using the below call structure on your next 15–20 min introductory/qualifying call.

Start with personal context (2 mins): Did you get a referral? Did you go to the same college? Are they located where you once lived? Try and build personal context and interaction with the prospect quickly — this will show them that you are actually human and care more about than just the sale or call.

Ask what they want to get out of the call (3 mins): It is important to lead with “ I want to make sure this is worth your time, so what specifically would you like to accomplish on this call.” We cover lots of other qualifying questions if you want more ideas from our free online sales bootcamp.

Acknowledge their questions and then share your pitch (3–5 mins): Recap your product and service in a concise pitch that is tailored to what they want out of the call.

Ask your 4–5 qualifying questions (5–7 mins): You already have these, but this is a good place to cover the.

Decide on next steps (1 min): If they do qualify, make sure to provide an intro to your account executive. if they don’t qualify, simply be direct and share that you can’t help them reach their goals. Either way, send them a thank you note for their time, it will help for building a relationship with the specific person long-term.

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